Benevolent Care Can Help Families During Difficult Times

Published: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Each year, Lutheran SeniorLife provides substantial benevolent care to residents we serve, as it is our honor and our responsibility to provide an Abundant Life® for those in our care – even if they have outlived their financial resources. The promise of benevolent care provides tremendous peace of mind for our residents and their families, as the cost of senior care grows each year.

Retired Pastor Kirk Bish has a long-standing history with Lutheran SeniorLife through his years of service in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and on the Passavant Retirement Community Council in the 1980’s. It was during that time that his mother needed short-term care and he turned to Passavant for help.

“I already knew their mission and knew she would be well cared-for,” Pr. Bish said. It was then that he began donating to the benevolent care fund. “I was so appreciative of the care my mother received, and the care that was provided to others I had known over the years.”

Tim Bish, Pr. Bish’s son, also has a history with Lutheran SeniorLife, including his service on the board of directors. In 1998, his mom, Barbara Bish, began showing signs of dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s. “At that time, we chose to move her into St. John Specialty Care Center,” said Tim Bish. “In a very short amount of time, she went from being active to being non-verbal as a result of the dementia,” he recalled.

“She received superb, excellent care there. Caring for those with Alzheimer’s is a difficult ministry for anyone, yet the staff was very patient and caring,” Pr. Bish said.

“It was donations from others that allowed my mom to receive benevolent care until she passed in 2000,” Tim Bish said.

Both of Pr. Bish’s parents came to live at St. John Specialty Care Center some years later. “Again, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care and assistance they received, but eventually they ran out of money,” Pr. Bish said, and were the recipients of benevolent care.

“Lutheran SeniorLife was there during very difficult times for my family. I give because I want to see others be able to receive that kind of care as well,” Tim Bish said. “Lutheran SeniorLife is a worthwhile organization for my donation because of the faith-based senior care it provides.”

Pr. Bish agreed. “Lutheran SeniorLife has been a tremendous asset to my family. I certainly encourage others to give to benevolent care.”

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